IP66 Fiberglass polyester enclosure

Fiberglass reinforced Polyester Enclosure IP66

Fiberglass reinforced Polyester electrical enclosures are ideal for outdoor applications.

Fiberglass reinforced Polyester enclosure box self-extinguishable material as per ASTM D635. Extreme utilization temperatures: -30°C to +120°C. High mechanical resistance against impact (IK 10). Rust & corrosion-resistant against chemical and atmospheric agents. Non hygroscopic materials – Minimum water absorption. Door hinges allows 180° opening.Available with grey door and grey door with window

Service Life
High resistance to corrosion in harsh environments, maintaining its mechanical properties & insulation.
IP 66
Polyurethane seal
Built-in canopy
Lock outside sealed area
Door easily reversible by turning it over.
Opening to 120° or 180°

Full insulation (to produce class II units)
Mechanical Strength
No risk to public
Fully customisable
For use in industry or infrastructures in harsh environments, indoor or outdoor with accessories available for modular distribution

Also we produce Fiberglass polyester enclosure with Window

Grey door  Clear door  Height Width  Depth
PBG-302514 PBT-302514 300 250 140
PBG-403020 PBT-403020 400 300 200
PBG-404020 PBT-404020 400 400 200
PBG-504020 PBT-504020 500 400 200
PBG-604023 PBT-604023 600 400 230
PBG-605023 PBT-605023 600 500 230
PBG-806030 PBT-806030 800 600 300
Mounting plate is made with zinc-coated steel either 1.5mm


IP66 Fiberglass polyester enclosure

Packing: Support fit small size enclosure into bigger size of enclosure to reduce volume and load more quantity in each container. Save your shipping cost

A free sample can be provided for testing and checking before bulk order.

Delivery time: Sample in 3-7days, Bulb order in 15-20days

Payment terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C

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