Panel thermostat 7T.81


7T.81-240 Heating control Should the panel temperature fall below the (minimum) set temperature the contact will close to call for heat. The contact will open when this set temperature is exceeded.

7T.81-230 Ventilation control Should the panel temperature exceed the (maximum) set temperature then the contact will close to call for cooling. The contact will open when the temperature falls below this set temperature.

Panel thermostat 7T.81

Technical data:

Contactor 1NC                    
Rated current/Maximum peak current (A) 10/20
Rated voltage/ Maximum switching voltage    (VAC) 250/250
Rated load AC1       (VA) 2500
Rated load AC15 (230 V AC)         (VA) 250
Single phase motor rating AC3 (230 V AC)    (kW) 1.1
Breaking capacity DC1: 30/110/220 V (A) 1/0.3/0.15
Minimum switching load      mW (V/mA) 500 (12/10)
Standard contact material AgNi
Temperature setting range  
Setting range (ventilation)    (°C) –20…+40  
Switch temperature differential   (K) 7 ± 4
Setting range (heating)       (°C) –20…+40  
Switch temperature differential  (K) 7 ± 4
Electrical life at rated load AC1    (cycles) 1000000
Ambient temperature range       (°C) –45…+80
Protection category IP 20

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